The Psychedelic Screen Saver  v.2014.1015

The Psychedelic Screen Saver is a highly configurable audio-visualization generator that produces an incredible variety of colorful mathematical patterns that can synchronize with the audio on your PC.

AP Psychedelic Puzzle  v.1.0

Beat the clock with smile puzzle.


Brewster Kaleidoscopic Screensaver  v.6 21

Description From the developer: 'The Brewster screensaver simulates a kaleidoscope in real time. It can create an infinite variety of patterns, from delicate snowflake-like arrangements to brain-burning psychedelic extravaganzas.

Psychedelix Wallpapers No. 34  v.1.0

9 psychedelic desktop wallpaper for use as tiling pattern.


This is a side-scrolling shooter, but with a funky twist. This game has some top-notch action with radical dialogue, groovy music, and psychedelic graphics. You're the cool cat orange robot named Bob, and one night you're cruising in your car when you

DREAMScope GL  v.3.0

DREAMScope animates intricate kaleidoscope images in waves of rich, iridescent color. Even the simplest change to one of its many interactive screensaver settings will create profoundly beautiful variations.

Hypnodisk  v.1 4

Semi-psychedelic screensaver takes your screen for a spin. The screen is filled with rotating tiles that slowly start to spiral. You can set speed, frequency, size and separate colour channels. New in v1.4 is the One big disk

3D Vortex & Lightning  v.2. 1. 2001

Magic! is the word that best suits to this screen saver. It is a Psychedelic Fractal 3d Screen Saver for all Windows platforms. It uses abstracts 3d models computed in real time, stretching and moving in all direction to simulate vortex flight,

Advertising Screensaver  v.2 1

When the screen saver kicks in on the computer at your place of business, don't display flying toasters or some psychedelic light show - promote your business instead! Sure, you could use Windows Marquee screen saver to some effect,

CD Spectrum Pro  v.2002.0618

CD/Spectrum Pro is a CD/MP3 Player with Graphical Spectrum Analyzer for Windows. It has several independent parts: CD Audio player, Spectrum Analyzer, Mixer, MediaFiles (MP3/WAV) Player, Synchronized Visuals Window, etc.

Flashlight done right  v.

Do you need an advanced psychedelic flashlight? Try it when buzzed or high, priceless! Flashlight done right allows you to: - see in the dark with your phone - adjust the light intensity by scrolling your finger on the screen - use the stroboscope

Hallucinogen  v.

Have a real psychedelic experience. Take a dose of Hallucinogen! Taking advantage of the brain's neuronal adaption to visual motion, Hallucinogen will cause the world around you to pulsate and move. It's fun and safe, and you can repeat the

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